YOMtab – Expiry Sticker Tab for YOM License Plates


NOTE: Ontplates.com has switched to a smaller, more versatile design for YOMtabs. The previous legacy design will be distributed with orders by default while supplies last. See the bottom of this description for the legacy tab dimensions.

  • Purpose: YOMtab provides space to display your current Ontario validation sticker, if there is not enough empty space on your rear licence plate. The sticker must be clearly displayed. Using these tabs is a clean and easy option.
  • Legality: YOMtab is street-legal in Ontario, as per Chapter 29, Section (1) (c) (ii) of the Highway Traffic Act. Read the legalese on the Ontario Laws site here (of particular note is the mention of a “mini-plate”).
  • Colour: YOMtab is painted to match your plates! Black, white, blue, or any other Ontario plate colour. Unpainted steel also available. Chrome-plated finish available in our legacy bevelled style while quantities last. Paint cannot be matched to vehicle body colour. Please note that YOMtab is finished in the same colour that we use to restore our plates. If you purchase a pair of unrestored plates in original condition, there may be a slight difference between the colour of your plates and the tab.
  • Quantity: You display one sticker, so the price is for one tab. Multiple tabs not included; shown only to demonstrate colour options. Pairs of YOM plates not included; shown only to demonstrate placement.
  • Vehicle Type: Car, Truck, or Motorcycle. For motorcycles, the tab will require you to drill a new hole to fit the corner location of the plate’s bolt hole.
  • Location: Bolts in behind your rear plate (front for trucks) by aligning the holes. Intended to jut out from top or bottom as illustrated.
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Height: 2 ½ inches
  • Distance from hole centre to top: 2 inches
  • Protruding height when installed: 1 ⅜ inches (may vary for older plates depending on distance from plate holes to plate edge
  • Material: Aluminum: Cut, polished, primed & painted.
  • Condition: New
  • How to Order: Either use the form below if you want a tab only, or mention the tab when inquiring about your desired year of YOM plates.
  • Applying the Sticker: Apply new sticker directly over clean & dry previous sticker. Do not remove sticker if affixed to painted surface.
  • MTO Approval Submissions: Do not include tabs when sending plates to MTO.


  • Width: 2 ¾ inches
  • Height: 2 ¾ inches
  • Distance from hole centre to top: 2 ⅜ inches
  • Protruding height when installed: 1 ¾ inches (may vary for older plates depending on distance from plate holes to plate edge
  • Availability: Discontinued; distributed while supplies last. Our chrome tabs are only of the legacy type, and will be only be available while supplies last.



Add a YOMtab

  • YOMtab Sticker Ontario YOM License PlatesWhat is a YOMtab? Click here (opens a new tab, this tab stays open)
  • Comes painted in the same background colour as the plates
  • To Add a Tab: Please inquire when you use the contact form.

About Terminated Plates

For about 10% of the plates we sell, the first line of the description may say “Terminated—please see tab below.” If it says that, then this FAQ section will apply to you. (If it doesn’t say that, then you can ignore these FAQs about terminated plates.)

What it means: The serial number on your vintage plates was reissued to someone else between the 1980s and now. If the number is no longer being used, and the plates are surrendered properly to the MTO, and all outstanding fines paid, the number goes into a “terminated” state, and can be reissued to a different person. “Terminated” is a very specific status. There are a dozen others within the MTO database that mean the number is not available.

Most other pairs that we sell bear numbers that have never been reissued in the modern age of digital information, so there is no entry in the database for them.

There’s an additional step, involving a $32 transfer fee (fee increase to $32 from $20 effective January 1, 2017), and a declaration that you will have to complete. The declaration acknowledges that the number is being transferred to you, and that you’ll have to pay for your own traffic tickets after the transfer. This absolves the previous person who used the plate number from having to pay your fines. This extra step can add a couple of weeks to the processing time for approval of YOM licence plates, because the folks working in the YOM approval office must liaise with a separate branch of the MTO because there’s an ownership transfer involved.

Ontplates.com, in consultation with ServiceOntario, has come up with an improved procedure below to reduce your waiting time. Follow these instructions exactly for fastest service. Package the following items together:

  1. Your plates purchased from Ontplates.com
  2. Original green vehicle ownership slip (use a photocopy in your glovebox in the interim if presently licenced)
  3. Payment of your registry and transfer fees via one of the two following methods:
    • If paying by cheque, enclose one cheque for $251.65, and a second cheque for $32, payable to the Minister of Finance
    • If paying by credit card, enclose a printed and completed ServiceOntario Payment Authorization Form, and indicate clearly on the form that you are authorizing both the above fees. Ontplates.com can provide you with an electronic copy of this form, which you may print.
  4. If you use e-mail, enclose a written note indicating your correct e-mail address, with a request that the YOM 003 Declaration Form be sent to you via e-mail (you can then complete it and e-mail it back, which will reduce processing time). Otherwise, you will be sent a paper copy of the declaration to sign and return via postal mail.

Send the above items to:

Ministry of Government Services – Service Ontario
Kingston Production & Verification Services – Renewals Section
P.O. Box 9700
Kingston, Ontario K7L 5N2

Once complete, your plates will be returned with a letter that serves as your plate ownership. Take all of it to your local ServiceOntario location to have your YOM plates stickered and valid.


The warranty covers several points, including the six-month guarantee, client satisfaction with the product, and longevity of the product. (link opens in new tab)

Of particular note: Do not clear-coat your plates, even if they are in original condition. By clear-coating any plate we sell, you are voiding any and all warranties described in the link above. Never clear-coat your plates. Follow the warranty link above for details.