1. Guarantee: Our guarantee of MTO acceptance is limited to 6 months after date of purchase. This guarantee, and its expiry date, is provided in writing with each set of plates. Ontplates.com will not be held responsible if a client buys a set of plates, does nothing with them for a long time, and then finds the number is no longer available. Ontplates.com is not a large corporation; it is a small supplier operated by a sole proprietor. Refunds cannot be offered out of goodwill to people whose guarantees have expired. In fact, Ontplates.com prefers not to sell plates to clients who don’t intend to act within the guarantee period, or do not yet own a vehicle.
  2. MTO Rejection: If you buy a set of plates from Ontplates.com and the MTO rejects them before your guarantee expiry date, you must provide us with the rejection slip. In more than one instance, the MTO made an error and Ontplates.com has intervened to have the plates permitted. If the rejection stands, and there are no alternate plates to your liking, Ontplates.com will refund your price paid plus a maximum of $16 to cover postage costs on your end. If we have alternate plates available, we will offer a substitution. If the price of a rejected pair is more than that of the alternate pair, we will reimburse overpayment to the buyer. If the price of a rejected pair is less than that of the desired alternate pair, the buyer will pay the extra value accordingly.
  3. Customer Satisfaction With Product: If you receive a set of plates from Ontplates.com, and you’re not happy with any aspect of them, let us know. You can return them for a full refund within 21 days (3 weeks) of receiving them, as long as you haven’t altered them. The buyer is responsible for return shipping via a trackable method, and the plates need to be received by Ontplates.com no later than the 21-day mark.
  4. Changing Your Mind: If you buy a set of plates, and do not submit them to the MTO, and wish to return them for a refund within the six-month guarantee period, but after the 21-day initial period, Ontplates.com will refund 80% of your purchase price if the plates are received by us in the same condition as sold. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for secure and safe shipping when making such returns.
  5. Expected Life of Restored Plates: Ontplates warrants the workmanship of restored plates for two years from the date of sale (i.e. they should not rust and the paint should not peel). For longest life, plates should not be exposed to the elements (direct sun, rain, snow or salt) on an ongoing basis, and plates should be kept indoors and dry when the vehicle is not being driven or shown. Do not neglect them.
  6. Expected Life of Refinished or Original Plates: Plates in original condition or refinished (new paint applied over original paint) are covered by the workmanship guarantee above for a period of one year from the date of sale. Keeping them indoors and dry when the vehicle is not driven is essential. These plates, if exposed to moisture, will rust. If exposed to direct sunlight, they may fade. If exposed to collisions with gravel or sand, original plates may pit or peel. Do not neglect them.
  7. Customer Modification of Plates: Ontplates.com will not be responsible for poor performance of your plates if you repaint them or clear-coat them. Clear-coating plates is never recommended, as it fails early and creates pockets for moisture to sit against the plate, causing rapid rust. Clear-coats can also separate from the finish, causing unsightly discolouration. We do not clear-cloat our plates for this reason. By clear-coating any plate we sell, you are voiding any and all warranties described above. Do not clear-coat your plates.
  8. Expired Guarantees: Ontplates.com reserves the right to refuse any return requests, or other requests, made beyond the six-month guarantee time period.


  1. Free shipping for plate PAIRS is defined as a bubble envelope via Canada Post Expedited Small Business (2-3 business days with tracking) sent to addresses within Ontario, Canada. Free shipping for plate SINGLES (most motorcycle plates and single plates from 1943-1947) is defined as a bubble envelope via Canada Post Oversized Letter (3-4 business days with no tracking) sent to addresses within Ontario, Canada. YOMtabs purchased without plates are subject to a small shipping surcharge.
  2. Shipping Address Accuracy: The customer is responsible for ensuring that their shipping address is up-to-date and accurate. When customers use Paypal for payment, Ontplates ships to the address on file with PayPal, which is automatically provided to us by Paypal. Ontplates will not be held responsible for misdirected packages due to out-dated PayPal information on the part of the customer. The customer will be responsible to pay for return-to-sender shipping back to Ontplates.com and re-shipping to the correct address. If the customer wishes not to pay for these shipping fees due to his/her own error, the purchase price will be refunded and the purchase will be cancelled.


  • Plates will be put on hold for buyers for 24 hours, pending payment (longer if the customer confirms that he/she is sending a cheque or money order). Payment must be made in full before any plates will be shipped. Potential buyers who become unresponsive to our messages may lose their chance to purchase.


  1. Contact List Additions: If you ask or agree to be put on our contact list, we will only use your e-mail address to contact you personally the next time we have a set of plates from your requested year. If you ask to be removed from this list at any time, we will comply at once. Our preferred mode of contact is by e-mail, but we will contact people by phone if requested. Please note that we generally do not start contact lists for particular years unless we are out of stock.
  2. Contact List Follow-up: If we have numerous people on the waiting list for a particular year, we may e-mail multiple addresses simultaneously. The first person to reply with explicit intent to purchase will be the person for whom the plates are reserved.
  3. Contact List Deletions: If we contact you as per clauses #1 and/or #2 above, and you do not reply, you will be removed from the contact list by default. You must reply to maintain your address on the list.
  4. Contact List Maintenance: If you wish to renew your request for a particularly tough YOM year by contacting us periodically, it will help us to remember your name and prevent your info from going stale, should your e-mail change.
  5. Contact List Security: Our contact list will not be shared with any other entity.
  6. Forwarding Your E-mail: If we don’t have your year in stock, but we know who does, I will reply to you with a CC to the person who can help (these people are trustworthy personal friends who are also plate geeks and just like to help people).
  7. Your Plate Number: We keep an spreadsheet record of which plates were bought by which person for no other purpose than our own diligent record-keeping. This information will not be shared with any other entity.
  8. Your Mailing Address: When customers pay for purchases by cheque or money order, we promptly destroy all used envelopes and correspondence with a cross-cut shredder, in order to maintain your privacy.
  9. Your Pictures of Your Vehicle: We will use images of vehicles for promotional purposes on our site, Facebook or Twitter, to show past examples of our products in use. If the images have been provided to us by the customer, we will use such images only with explicit permission. Customer names will not be used in promotion.
  10. Our Pictures of Your Vehicle: We sometimes encounter past customers’ vehicles at car shows or other public events. If we take our own pictures of the vehicle, we will use such images for promotion at out own discretion. Customer names will not be used in promotion.